Bridge Columbia Releases White Paper Draft

Bridge Columbia has prepared a White Paper summarizing the reasons Columbia needs a better downtown bridge. Broad in scope, the White Paper outlines the long-term benefits of the bridge, how it is consistent with current trends in urban design, the many individuals and groups that support the bridge, along with possible sources of funding. Click here to read the full draft.


Concept illustration of a bike, bus, and pedestrian bridge that unites east and west Columbia.

Every bridge is a statement. Your plans say so much about Columbia – united, progressive, walkable and open.
I have followed Bridge Columbia and OM village center news over the last year and I am hopeful that improvements will come to the pedestrian bridge and the surrounding area that will benefit all of our communities.
Matt Hoffman - Allview Area Community Association President
We urge the County to complete the Bridge Columbia feasibility study as soon as possible. It is our understanding that new opportunities for state and federal funding for transportation projects are now available. The sooner that Bridge Columbia can get in line for these funds, the more likely that the project can move forward.
Karen S. Hitcho, Chair, Long Reach Community Association
Bridge Columbia takes a page out of Jim Rouse’s playbook. . . . This plan is exciting. . . . I would love to see this bridge built.
Barbara Kellner, Executive Director, Columbia Archives
I never expected the bridge that was built would be so ugly and mean looking and unsafe. It is time to tear the existing bridge down and construct a 21st Century bridge as proposed by Bridge Columbia.
Robert Tennebaum, one of Columbia's original planners
There is no question that the existing bridge is underutilized due to inconvenience and safety issues. . . What a difference it would make for all of Columbia to follow through with Bridge Columbia’s vision.
Erwin and Heather Schoeny, Residents of Oakland Mills
This is a project that needs to come to life. We have great people involved. Columbia deserves this bridge. Let’s make this happen.
Frederick Eiland
Gorgeous website! Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this. I use the existing bridge all the time, but would appreciate having more company on it, for all the reasons you so eloquently express.
Daniel Kirk-Davidoff
I would love to see this bridge implemented. It would make Oakland Mills and Town Center more accessible.
Deborah Howard
This would really enhance green transportation in Columbia and be a wonderful amenity.
Bill Gray, Oakland Mills Village Board

One thought on “Bridge Columbia Releases White Paper Draft

  1. My wife and I are both in our 70′s and have lived in Allview Estates since I returned from Vietnam in 1970. I am disabled and don’t walk anymore. I find that the layout of thoughtfares in Columbia are not very accessible to the mobility impared. You just “can’t get there from here.” For access to shopping, doctors, etc. we must drive useing a Handicap equipped van. Although it may be attractive to some of the more active, I don’t see that this new bridge wil be of much of use to us.

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