Bridge Columbia Releases White Paper Draft

Bridge Columbia has prepared a White Paper summarizing the reasons Columbia needs a better downtown bridge. Broad in scope, the White Paper outlines the long-term benefits of the bridge, how it is consistent with current trends in urban design, the many individuals and groups that support the bridge, along with possible sources of funding. Click here to read the full draft.


Concept illustration of a bike, bus, and pedestrian bridge that unites east and west Columbia.

Transportation Advocates of Howard County Solicit Public Input

Sharonlee Vogel of the Transportation Advocates of Howard County is seeking public input at a public meeting on Thursday, May 22, regarding the Future of Transportation report. Click here to read Ms. Vogel’s full letter.

We’re pleased to announce that the feasibility study (for Bridge Columbia) will be moving forward.
Calvin Ball, Howard Co Council District 2

3 thoughts on “Bridge Columbia Releases White Paper Draft

  1. My wife and I are both in our 70′s and have lived in Allview Estates since I returned from Vietnam in 1970. I am disabled and don’t walk anymore. I find that the layout of thoughtfares in Columbia are not very accessible to the mobility impared. You just “can’t get there from here.” For access to shopping, doctors, etc. we must drive useing a Handicap equipped van. Although it may be attractive to some of the more active, I don’t see that this new bridge wil be of much of use to us.

  2. I live have lived in Oakland Mills Village for over two years. I do not feel safe walking or biking on the existing bridge. It is too isolated and run down. The new plan sound great. I would use the bridge to go to the mall area, instead of driving.

  3. The presentation by the county’s consultants at the Oakland Mills Village Board’s August 12 meeting was an eye-opener. So many possibilities!

    The “iconic” bridge suggestions are expensive so a lot depends on whether Oakland Mills can pull off its reinvention and entice developers to replace the low-rent apartments near the bridge with upscale dwellings.

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